7th Grade at ISNP 

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Quality Healthcare Permission Forms

Teacher's Email

Mrs. Bailey (Social Studies)


Mrs. Klein (Science)


Mrs. Tollar (Language Arts)


Miss Hogan (Math)


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Quality Healthcare field trip

Pathfinder Trip

UPDATE: The date for Pathfinder has been changed to 11/25!

Advisory Video Clip

Hello Parents! 

We are beginning a book study on Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey. As a team, we believe the concepts put forth in this book lay the foundations for student success.

To introduce our first set of Habits, which center on a paradigm shift, we would like to show a short video clip from the Teen Choice Awards this year. This clips is of Ashton Kutcher's acceptance speech. Kutcher is explaining how teens need to shift their thinking in several ways and how this made him a successful person.

If you would like to preview the video, you can watch it below:

Welcome new 7th graders!

Welcome to the 7th grade! This website is going to be a very important tool for you to use this year. Check it often for information from your teachers concerning assignments, field trips, and fundrasiers.

Below we have the list of school supplies necessary for 7th grade. We have also listed information to prepare you for the first day of 7th grade. 

Supply List

Individual Supplies:

·         Notebook (8: 2 per quarter)

·         Pencils (wooden or mechanical)

·         Pencil Sharpener (small individual)

·         Pens (blue or black and red)

·         1 box crayons

·         1 box colored pencils

·         Glue Sticks

·         2 dry erase markers

·         Small pair of scissors

·         USB Flash Drive (2 gb minimum)

·         1 pack markers (optional)

Community Supplies (give to your homeroom teacher):

·         2 boxes of tissues

·         2 rolls of paper towels

·         1 container of Clorox wipes

·         4 dry erase markers

·         4 reams of white copy paper

·         4 packages of loose leaf paper

·         5 folders with prongs (5 different colors)